Kocher Construction provides hassle-free general contracting services to broad range of commercial and residential clients in New Jersey City, Union City, Hoboken, and the surrounding areas. From permitting assistance and estimating to pre-construction design recommendations, our construction professionals are committed to providing you with the highest level of quality control management and professional service throughout the process. We specialize in planning, designing, construction, and consulting on any project.

If you’re looking for fast, accurate, and thorough results in your construction project, our team of experienced professionals at Kocher Construction has got you covered. As a leading full-service contractor in New Jersey City, we can answer all your questions and respond to your concerns about planning, design, and construction needs. We utilize a professional and systematic approach that consistently delivers a highly positive customer experience to our clients, regardless of their budget, project size, location, or personnel. Kocher Construction is your point of contact for all your construction needs, from development and design, schedule, budget, schedule, and delivery. Everything is customized to your exact specifications and specific project. Furthermore, our professionals will work with you to create an effective maintenance plan for your commercial or residential property so you can extend its life and reduce your repair budget.


Pre-Construction Services

The success of a construction project depends upon the decisions you make right from the first stage to the last one. At Kocher Construction, we combine skilled and experienced professionals with a collaborative approach to provide you with a systematic approach that will help you develop a detailed scope of your project. We aim at helping you start your construction project with the correct schedule, timeline, and budget in mind. It’s important that your vision and goals align with the end result of your project.

Construction Management

You can still maintain financial control over your construction project and let Kocher Construction be your single point of contact for every other aspect of your project. Our team is committed to ensuring consistency in communication across all those involved in your project. We help our clients identify any areas of concerns or issues related to schedule, design, costs, and construction before developing viable solutions that can help in completing the project promptly.

Design Build

We have developed a design-build process that allows for a hassle-free experience and ensures faster and easier completion of projects. Our process encompasses all the stages and phases of the construction project right from the design phase to completion. As full-service contractors, we ensure early cost establishment, reduced change orders, improved efficiency, and enhanced risk management.

At Kocher Construction, we have a team of architects, designers, and craftsmen who work together to ensure your dreams become a reality. Whether you’re looking to start a new construction project, you’re planning to spruce up your outdated kitchen space, or you want to completely renovate your home, our highly-skilled and experienced professionals will get the job done. Contact us today if you’d like to work with or partner with a truly trustworthy and reliable general contracting company in New Jersey City, Union City, Hoboken and the surrounding area.